We believe that the process of designing and creating any space should be enjoyable and effortless. By developing both the design and build processes simultaneously, we aim to ensure that the outcomes we strive to achieve are met. Changing ones surroundings should not be a chore, but rather a liberating experience from which you grow and evolve. xer0 will help find what inspires you, drives you, motivates you and will then surround you with the ethos of your design journey. xer0 will create an environment that perfectly represents you.


At xer0 group, we specialize in design and space planning for high-end residential and commercial construction throughout the East Coast. Customization is our forte, we strive to make each and every project unique in its own way. We are flexible; xer0 can enter a project at any stage. Whether working from specifications or providing design and build services, xer0 will deliver superior service and execution. We are dedicated to creating quality spaces and bringing livable art into the home.


     Often the biggest challenge in the custom build industry is ensuring that the actual build reflects the approved design. Without a clean integrated relationship between the design and build proponents of a project the situation can deteriorate. At xer0, we resolve this issue by creating a seamless work plan that combines design and build as a single process from the beginning. Our partnership with our clients and our unique personal approach allows us to identify issues early and provide a framework to mitigate any problems.  Projects start sooner, move forward quickly and finish on time.